Financial Crisis Presentation

By Max Olson  |  January 28th, 2009 at 11:43 pm  |  Investing

The presentation above compliments my previous post on the systemic causes of the financial crisis. Some of the illustrations didn’t translate well on SlideShare, so to download the original in PDF format click here (6.4MB).

  • suggestion: change your UI to make it obv. a ride is requested. this is 2nd time I opened app & accidentally req. a ride w/o knowing,
  • . Another possibility is general contentment w/ status quo, i.e. why mess with something good,
  • Hmm, this is a possibility. May be why collectivist Asian cultures are more deterministic.,
  • 6/ (I see myself as slightly indeterministic on the "scale" but it completely depends on the subject. I tend to tilt windmills at times.),
  • 5/ Gov’t bureaucracy? Myopia on Wall Street? Lack of emotional drive (fear of USSR)? Any other ideas?,